Slieve Roosley – Feb 2011 and again April 2012 – N Ireland

On Thursday 24th February I went for a great days hiking in the Mourne Mountains,Northern Ireland. It was a glorious sunny day and about 13C. There was no wind and guess what?, I was on my own.

Saturday 14th April 2012 myself and the Armagh Ramblers were back at Slieve Roosley. Temperature was 10C and the wins was about 18mph, but a lovely day was had by everyone.

We had 13 runners and riders in April, the sun was shinning and the banter was flowing. It was great.

I’ll share some of these photos with you and feel free to comment – good or bad – I can take it


I don;t know who placed the cross on top of Slieve Roosley, but it made a great photo, especially with the sun behind it.

Click on the link below to see all the photos I took when I was on this walk – just me, my trusty camera and the great outdoors!!!

Photos   Slieve Roosley

Hike to Rocky Mountain



  1. The pictures are beautiful!

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