Deforestation in Northern Ireland

April 2011 in the Slieve Roosley area of the Mourne Mountains – Northern Ireland. This forest skirts either side of The Glen River as it passes the eastern slopes of Crotlieve Mountain, Grid 210.239 or shall I say “it was a forest”

The noise of chain saws and diggers in what once was o lovely forest glade was ringing in my ears as I passed along the Ulster Way trail.

Tree trunks stacked like tombstones on the side of the forest trail.

I went on a hike in February this year around hte Slieve Roosley area of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland and I went back to the same area in April this year – WOW – what a defference. As you can see from the photos above – nearly all the trees have been toppled. The photos show the same crossing point but with a very different backdrop.

What was a splendid walk through a truly untouched forest is now a pile of tree trunks stacked onto the side of the forest track like tombstones. I must admit – it was a real shock when I saw the devestation. If the plans are to replant this forest – then hey – perhaps I’ll come back in twenty years to see a forest glade again.

I intend to make further enquiries regarding this and hope to post an update as soon as I can – if anyone out there has anything to contribute, I will be more than pleased to hear from you. In the meantime I will still come and hike along this trail because it is so peaceful. Happy Hiking.


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